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Things To See And Do In Burkina Faso


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Though wildlife is the key element of the eastern part of this exotic destination, the central part around Ouagadougou concentrates on business tourism, the west on cultural tourism, and the north focuses on the discovery of nomadic populations and traditions. A little bit of something for everyone.

Cities To Visit

Make sure you soak in the attractive streets and the bustling market (the Grand Marché), of Bobo Dioulasso, the largest town inhabited by the Bobo people.

Southwest of Bobo Dioulasso is the town of Banfora from where you will be able to see the impressive Karfiguéla Waterfalls, a sight that will definitely be worth your while.

Approximately 30 miles west of Banfora is the town of Sindou, where visiting the extraordinary Sindou Rock Formations is a must.

Excursions outside the crowded city area include visiting the scenic sacred fish pond of La Mare aux Poissons Sacrés de Dafra, 5 miles southeast of Bobo Dioulasso, the stunning bathing pond of La Guinguette, located in La Fôret de Kou, and the Mare aux Hippopotames where you can see the beautiful hippos from up close for a small fee.

Take a Hike


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Hiking is one of the activities you shouldn’t miss when visiting Burkina Faso. Check out the southwest of the country near Banfora, while amazing glimpses of the whole region can be caught from the top of the Banfora Escarpment.

The Sénoufo region west of Banfora is also an eye candy, while exciting mountain bike trips can also be arranged in the areas around Bobo Dioulasso and Banfora.


If you decide to grab a bite to eat outside your hotel, there are a few restaurants in Ouagadougou and in Bobo Dioulasso that will tickle your taste buds. Make sure you try out the specialties like rice with sauce, beef and aubergine with sauce, brochettes (meat cooked on a skewer) and interesting the chicken dishes you have never tasted before.