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Tight Budget? Here’s Where To Go


Photo credit: Depositphotos

While there are people who can sit on a plane and journey to an exotic destination on a whim, there are certainly some among us who consider travel as a form of luxury and privilege.

This is mostly because no matter how good your vacation plan is, the economy is something you cannot predict. More often than not, this is what makes people stay at home during the summer.

However, the truth about travel and money is not completely black and white, as there are certain destinations that will leave you speechless, while not taking a huge bite out of your wallet. Read on to find out where you can travel to even on a tight budget.

Exotically Cheap

There are quite a few places around the globe that are so beautiful, people assume they’re really expensive, while in truth you can stay there for less than $30 per day and still have a wonderful time.

Our top pick for a great and cheap vacation spot is Bali. The whole country is riddled with stunning landscape and beaches, while also offering $10 rooms and $0.50 street food.

Next up is Thailand, a country that’s nowadays considered as a top travel destination for those on a tight budget.

If you avoid the main, ever-crowded islands, you can spend your whole vacation in Thailand while paying $6 for a room and eating for $5 per day.

Europe’s Finest

Among the cheaper exotic destination is Greece. Since this country almost went bankrupt and now basically lives off tourism, the prices here are stunningly low for a destination with so many beaches and islands.

For example, you can find a room for as cheap as $15, while eating out means spending $3 for a gyros or $10 for a huge lamb feast.

Last, but not least, is Budapest. Although it’s not exactly exotic, Hungary’s capital is a city of history, museums, amazing nightlife, and a lot of places you must see. Eating in Budapest can cost as low as $2, while you can find accommodation for no more than $8.