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Tips For Preparing For A Long Cycling Ride


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Taking a long bike ride can be immensely exiting as it is one of the most time saving and dynamic ways to go sightseeing. In addition, you can also take part in fundraising races with proceeds going to various sorts of research to cure serious illnesses, while also enjoying beautiful scenery and exploring new regions.

If you are visiting some of the cities in North America and Northern Europe in particular, you’d be surprised how many bike lanes and trails there are for you to get to know the place.

Whatever you motivation for a long bicycle ride, you will certainly have to prepare well in advance.

First and foremost, you must have the appropriate equipment for such an endeavor.

Such equipment includes a reliable and lightweight bike, obviously, but also a comfortable helmet, lights on both ends of the bike, and one of the most important items – a pair of cycling padded pants.

Start with shorter trips that are closer to home and gradually increase your cycling distance as you begin to feel more ready. Shorter trips will also give you the opportunity to test your gear and ensure everything works well.

Make sure you are constantly feeding on high energy foods and water, such as bananas, protein and whole grain bars and other similar supplies while avoiding energy drinks to prepare your body for the stress.

Also prepare an emergency kit containing a pump in case one of your tires unexpectedly goes flat, a cell phone and band aid for unwanted minor injuries and you will be ready for new cycling adventures.