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Tips On Smart Using Your Smartphone When Traveling To Europe


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When we travel, especially overseas to the beautiful Europe, we all like to enjoy the convenience of bringing our own mobile phone with us.

Although some people also bring tablets or laptop computers for the purposes of emailing, blogging, managing our photos, reading, watching movies, or simply – work – having our smartphones with us at all times is a must.

Managing your mobile device while traveling overseas isn’t hard, and with a little preparation, you can text, make calls, and access the Internet without breaking the bank.

Let’s see how.

Cellular Data And International Service On Your Smartphone

Roaming outside the US generally comes with extra charges, and those aren’t cheap. If you want to make voice calls, send texts, or simply go online via cellular data, you might want to reconsider as data roaming is pretty expensive.

What you want to do is to plan ahead.

Start by assessing how much you will be using it and go from there. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I be making a few or a lot of phone calls?
  • Will I be sending and receiving many text messages?
  • How frequently will I be going online? And to do what? Check email, browse, look up websites, access Google maps, get driving directions, use other mobile apps…?

How To Get Online In Europe

The best way surely is to find free Wi-Fi so you can log on using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Wi-Fi signal is usually free, so whenever you can log onto a Wi-Fi you will want to turn off your data roaming (provided you were using it in the first place).

Finding free Wi-Fi hotspots is certainly the most cost-efficient way to get online during your stay in Europe. Even if you have an international data plan, you’re better off saving most of your online tasks for Wi-Fi.

Also, if you plan to use any new apps on your smartphone or tablet device (think language translators, e-book readers, transportation apps, map apps) make sure to download the newest versions and update them before you go overseas.