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Tokyo – The Ultimate Modern Experience


Photo credit: Depositphotos

After the Japanese Empire and the samurai, Japan has changed completely. Once a land of tradition, Japan has now become a beehive of business and tourism, with its center in its capitol, Tokyo.

From the high-tech city architecture to the imperial palace, Tokyo truly represents a fusion of the old and the new. This city is one of those places on everyone’s bucket list, because it and its people are as modern as they are traditional.

All Are Welcome

Prices in Tokyo are not the lowest in Asia, but there are many options that allow you to save some money while having a wonderful time on your vacation.

Hostel room can cost $40 at most, while eating at a noodle shop or donburi stalls can range anywhere from $2 to $10.

There is one thing we would like to single out. Many, if not all hostels in Japan will allow you to work for your room. Such is the Khao San Hostel chain.

Besides having “free” accommodation, this way you’ll get to know the locals better and have the ultimate experience of living in Tokyo.

How To Spend Your Time

Once again, we have to mention a zoo – in this case, the Ueno Zoological Gardens. Besides having countless species you can observe, it is one of the very few places on Earth where you can see pandas.

After the zoo, take a trip to Kokugikan arena and enjoy the excitement that is a sumo match. Tournaments are being held here three times a year, so be sure to make your reservations in advance.

If you want to get some piece of hardware you couldn’t find anywhere else, make sure to check out the Akihabara Electric Town. You probably haven’t even heard of some things that are sold here.

Besides selling, the merchants also do testing of their equipment, so you can be the first to see a new technological wonder.