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10 Ways To Make Your Trip Safer, Cheaper and More Fun

 Photo credit: AngryJulieMonday / Flickr

Photo credit: AngryJulieMonday / Flickr

1) Packing Cubes and Vacuum Bags

Require that you are efficient with your space. This is good advice for anywhere you go as no one in any other country enjoys an overbearing American. Packing cubes can be found at any travel store, whether online or at the mall. Look for packing cubes that feature a stable base that will hold its shape. Also, choose a set that includes a mesh side to allow you to be able to see what are the contents of your cubes.

Most cubes are available in sets of three or more. You can also purchase these storage cubes individually in odd sizes.

Vacuum bags, not the ones that your grandmother uses on her old vacuum but storage bags, are amazing for travelers. However, it is not very often that you find a vacuum available at a beach side hostel or fancy boutique bed and breakfast. The storage space saver bags you typically would use to store sweaters and bikinis in the off-season are great as long as you find the ones that allow you to roll them up to squish out all of the air. These bags are perfect for travelers in that they give you a major increase in your space in your luggage.

Better yet, you can even achieve the equivalent of perfect luggage—the carry on bag. Just make sure that your piece of luggage doesn’t go over the weight limit if you are going by airplane to your destination. Check with your individual airline to learn the requirements for luggage to save yourself money out of the gate.

Either way, by minimizing the space that you are taking up by using a dynamic duo of storage space saver bags and packing cubes will save you money and keep you minimized on your feet.