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15 Most Luxurious Islands In The World

 Photo credit:   kansasphoto    Flickr

Photo credit: kansasphoto Flickr

1) Necker Island

This 74 acre island is owned by Sir Richard Branson and is his version of heaven on earth. When he is not staying there he rents it out to a select few including Oprah, Maria Carey, and even British Royalty. Guests agree with his interpretation of paradise and pay a whopping 47,000 a day for the privilege of staying there.
Is it worth it? Well there are several private white sand beaches and acres of tropical jungle to explore if guests prefer to be outdoors. When they go inside there are Brazilian hardwoods, expensive antique furniture, fine fabrics and all of the trappings of the finest things in life awaiting. A personal chef and a stocked kitchen awaits the dinner request.

There are several pools, sports areas, and perfectly maintained gardens with hammocks for napping. The price to stay is steeper than the 99% can afford but the few who can find it to be money well spent.

 Photo credit:   Neil Gibbs   Flickr

Photo credit: Neil Gibbs Flickr

2) Barbados Secrets Luxury Resort

This island is positively teeming with celebrities and worldly high-rollers year round. The Secrets Luxury Golf & Spa Resort at St James is expensive and exclusive but hey, you can limit your clientele to the 1% when they are willing to pay so much more than everyone else.

Not an expense is spared from the finest linens on the bed, to a rose petal bath in a whirlpool tub, an unlimited wet bar with high end drinks, all gratuities included, and get this- “welcome cocktail” and cool towel. Yeah, wow no sorry bud but you cannot afford this place.

The upside is that you can dream and maybe one day you will climb your way to the top and join the Secret club for the 1%. Until then just dream of that welcome cocktail and cool towel on a hot day, who knows maybe you can get your spouse to pop a towel in the freezer and greet you at the door with it to practice.

 Photo credit: cdorobek  Flickr

Photo credit: cdorobek Flickr

3) Palm Island

Nestled amongst vacation islands Saint Vincent and the Grenadines that are absolutely stunning and possibly affordable to many people is Palm Island. This 135 acre island is only accessible by boat, and the resort on the island (Palm Island Resort) is only accessible with lots of cash. For a single room away from the beach it is $860 a night, add another guest or want an ocean view, the rates climb even higher.

For the steep prices though you get luxury that can not be found at even the nicest beach-side hotels located off the island in the area. Part of the resort is an exclusive Michelin Star restaurant. There is sport equipment available to allow guest to take advantage of the location, and a workout room to get your heart-rate up after enjoying a decadent dinner.

This island is not only exclusive to those who can arrive by boat, and have the money to spare, they have a strict no children under 12 rule requiring proof of age and everything. Next time you are getting splashed in the face by an eight year old at the motel pool, think about how much you would pay to go to a place where he is not allowed.

4) Musha Cay

This 150 acre island in the Bahamas is owned by the tall dark and handsome illusionist David Copperfield. He also bought the three surrounding islands to insure privacy for himself and his guests. If you have $39,000 to spare per day, and time for the four day minimum stay you can choose 12 of your favorite person on earth and share a slice of paradise. Or if you like you can stay there all by yourself, who needs friends when you have fresh fish, tropical birds and sunshine?

The villas have mahogany wrap around decks, exotic treasures, and his and hers bathrooms. The island is huge and includes a drive in movie theater on the beach, a game room with arcade machines, the largest collection of magic artifacts in the world, and a beck and call staff. There are boats and jet skis available, food will be delivered to wherever you want. Basically David Copperfield makes you king of his island for a price.

Now to figure out a magic trick to help an average Joe afford a week on the island.

 Photo credit:  Chi King   Flickr

Photo credit: Chi King Flickr

5) Cocoa Island

For $1200 a night guests stay in luxury villas that sit literally right on the water. Every window, every room has an ocean view. The villas are connected to the island by a board walk. Wake up in the morning and dive right out of your room into clear sparkling ocean water, then enjoy a day on a catamaran exploring local nature islands.

At Cocoa island no matter the age, the rich get to Peter Pan it and be as young as they feel. No shoes required at this luxurious resort. Food can be delivered right to each water villa. After a day exploring various islands, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and whatever else a grown up does when they magically regress into childhood again, just order a night cap drink it on the private deck staring at a sparkling sky and doze off listening to the waves.

Yeah, how is it that the same people who can afford to go there are often workaholics? How do they ever leave?

6) Laucala Island, Fiji

Located on the largest private island on the southern hemisphere, this resort only has 25 bungalows and each of them have their own pool. The rainforest landscape meets the white sand beaches for the adventurous wealthy traveler who is lucky and rich enough to get into this exclusive resort. Seclusion, luxury and sustainable living are all tenants of the island owner.

No expense was spared in insuring that guests would be satisfied yet on the same note, natural fibers and woods are used, the produce is grown locally. So what does a person have to do to explore this lush rainforest, swim in their own private pool and sleep in the bungalows? Well prices start at $5,050 per night, per person. And rates go up fast with each additional need.

Those private pools are expensive apparently, considering that one of them is clear and located in the water, and others are privately secluded in a jungle paradise, there is no doubt that someone out there is getting their money’s worth.

 Photo credit:  Simon_sees   Flickr

Photo credit: Simon_sees Flickr

7) The Bulgari Resort

Many island resorts use design and architectural elements from Bali to make their place look perfect. This resort is actually in Bali, and every aspect of the design and vacation experience is immaculate.

Soak the day away in an infinity pool set high on a cliff over looking the ocean. Or enjoy the culinary wonders of the Orient with fresh from the ocean sea food prepared for the guests as though they were royalty. Rates start at a grand per night, so only the affluent can partake. Many come for the culinary experience alone, after all sushi does not get any fresher.

The Bulgari Spa offers a menu that combines both western and eastern techniques for relaxation and beauty. Every moment of the spa experience is done overlooking the ocean and to the back ground sound of real waves. Falling asleep is not uncommon, but who cares when you pay that much for a day you can sleep all you want.

 Photo credit: pixluser  Flickr

Photo credit: pixluser Flickr

8) Cousine Island

The island where nature rules, and man is just a silent observer. That is all well and good, but who knew that “nature” charges 6,800 Euros per night? Mother nature must be saving for something big with those prices! This private island actually has a really great cause, conservation. It is refreshing to see someone who could develop a private island focus instead on conserving the animals and plants on it.

For the people who can afford the cost, the island can be rented out to up to (but no more than) eight people. It is covered in lush vegetation, and wildlife, guests are expected to respect the animals.

Do not think that just because its focus is on conservation that there are not all of the creature comforts affluent humans expect. There is a five star restaurant, and a spa to unwind at after a day of enjoying the wildlife on the island.

9) Mnemba Island

The Zanzibar citizen’s who set foot on this exclusive private island have to pay a hefty fine, and the cost of a single night is four to six years of the average locals salary. However visitors do not see this aspect because the dazzling sand, and sapphire water can be blinding. At $1200 a night guests enjoy all of the luxuries the area has to offer, and absolutely anything else they want shipped in.

There are several packages available including photo safaris, weddings, golf safaris, and signature packages that depend on the guest and may include hoping on an airplane and checking out the wildlife on the mainland. Most do not associate a tropical beach holiday with lion and hyena watching, but then again most are not able to afford to even set foot on the island.

The island is considered extremely inspiring for most people who visit, so maybe the muse will visit and inspire the next great novel while the guest enjoys the African ambiance.

10) Viceroy Anguilla

Celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce have been spotted in the blue Caribbean waters Anguilla. To enjoy a night at the Viceroy hotel you will need to shell out about $1,100 for the first person. This luxury resort is extremely family friendly with plan called “Families Stay Together Play Together.” This plan includes children’s activities and free kids meals.

Unlike some other island destinations for the wealthy, Anguilla is very family friendly. Golfing, tennis, scuba diving, rock climbing, swimming, visiting the swimming center and volleyball are all options to burn some calories before enjoying dinner in one of the five dining areas.

Top rated spas, and safe water play areas for children insure that parents can relax completely while forking over thousands of dollars for the privilege. Anguilla may be one of the most reachable luxury destinations on the list, however it is not even a little cheap.

11) Turtle Island

Well Turtle Island is all inclusive, sometimes that equates affordable. However the high priority they put on the privacy of their guest and the level of luxury offered drives those prices right through the ceiling. Starting at $2,100 per couple the price is incredible but so are the amenities. Now back to the privacy that was promised, they only permit 14 couples on the island at a time. Why? Because there are only 14 beaches of course! Rich people do not share a beach silly!

The movie Blue Lagoon with Brook Shields was filmed on the island, so those who cannot actually visit the resort can still see clips of it for an hour and a half. The activities on the island include beach side horse back rides, fully catered picnics, tours, hiking, biking, and massage therapy. Off island water activities are what you would expect from a beach resort, scuba, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing and sunset boat tours.

And if it is not secluded enough, they will rent the entire island to guests who can afford it.

 Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

12) Mustique

Ever wonder where Prince George goes on vacation? No because he is a baby. Oh, well a royal baby must relax too and Mustique offers clear beaches with vibrantly painted buildings and incredible architecture, and high end amenities. Prices start at $5000 a week for the smallest villa and run up to $50,000 per week for the best home and plan. So what is it about this island that attracts royalty?

Well as the prince grows up he will be able to take advantage of the many children’s activities on the island ran by the Children’s director kept on staff. Meanwhile Mama can relax at the spa so she looks perfectly refreshed for her prince. Mustique prides itself in intimacy and security with few rules and the option to take part in the many well funded activities or stay to your own schedule.

Guests find themselves feeling like royalties if they can only pay the price for it.

 Photo credit: udo schuklenk  Flickr

Photo credit: udo schuklenk Flickr

13) Calivigny Island

They say that your time there is custom designed, at Calivigny. For the price everything better be custom designed. Because the island is only rented to one group at a time (you have to rent the entire island) and to rent the entire island cost $66304.00! Yep, more than most people make in an entire year. So what can this money buy?

Well they describe their menu as haute cuisine, and promise that every meal will be a memorable one. They offer all of the actives that other luxury islands consider expected for the rich, in addition to a portable movie theater with the latest Hollywood blockbusters, and a grand piano, and a tree house for kids of all ages to play in.

The decor is opulent and perhaps a bit in your face, but hey maybe the rich like to see everything is expensive even if class is sacrificed. But do not judge too harshly, after all this is the only island on the list with a submarine available for guest use!

14) Kamalame Cay

This Bahamas Cay is so close you can almost touch it, but even this lower priced luxury resort is out of reach for most people. It may not be the 99% but it is certainly out of reach for the 89% With rates starting at $400 per night per person plus food and amenities. A dinner for two on the beach can run up to $300!

Kamalame Cay is worth the cash though because the rooms are decadent. And the jewel of the island for many tourist is the over water spa. This villa spa is built right over the ocean, and relaxing while being pampered has never been easier if you can afford the beauty treatments. Kamalame Cay may seem a bit more reachable than some of the other resorts on the list, but do not let that fool you.

The island is stunning and there are many activities such as exploring the mangrove jungles on paddle boards, canoeing and snorkeling, to keep guests busy between spa treatments and decadent meals.

15) Ho olei at Grand Wailea

Starting at $1500 a night with a three night minimum the Ho olei is not your typical Hawaiian vacation rental. Each VIP gets their own concierge to meet any need, there is private security, childcare, and in room or poolside massages. Sure, down the block people are paying $200 a night, but this luxury resort makes sure that guests feel like they are receiving a substantially better vacation for their money.

The restaurants onsite are award winning, and there is an activity pool for the kiddos to play at with supervision while their parents take advantage of the famous Spa Grande.

The price pays for a location near the best golf courses in the state as well. Weddings are booked months in advance because of the stunning beauty of the grounds. A Hawaiian vacation may seem “pedestrian” to many jet setters, however the Ho olei insures that the very rich get the best that Hawaii has to offer and feel set apart from the rest of the tourists.