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Top 5 Most Awesome Yet Affordable U.S. Destinations For Summer 2017

U.S. destinations

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Summer is finally here, but we don’t all have hefty wallets to go wherever we want, yet we all want to go somewhere nice on a vacation.

Luckily, the United States harbors a wide range of destinations that offer beautiful scenery and plenty of things to do at reasonable prices.

In that name, here are the top 5 most affordable yet badass U.S. summer 2017 destinations that will surely leave you breathless. So, you better buckle up!

5. Albuquerque

The mesmerizing city of Albuquerque has grown so much over time.

At the heart of this huge city is Old Town, a historically rich epicenter where the original city was founded back in 1706.

The unique collision of Native American and Spanish cultures is most visible in the cobblestone streets and adobe walls, but if you reach for the outskirts of Albuquerque, you will come across some pretty lavish homes and lush vineyards in the North Valley and Corrales.

4. Tucson

As Arizona’s second-largest city, Tucson is a must-see should you want to explore some of the most intriguing summer destinations the USA has to offer. “The Old Pueblo” is packed with historic and cultural attractions, but if you seek some spicy Mexican cuisine north of the border, this city won’t disappoint, that’s for sure!

3. Las Vegas

Nope, this list simply wouldn’t and couldn’t be complete without Las Vegas. This amazing place has a lot of nicknames: Sin City, America’s Playground, The Entertainment Capital of the World… and yes – these are all legit and worthy names for this shiny Nevada gem.

If you are looking for some crazy fun, Vegas simply must find a place on your map.

As folks over at U.S. News Travel wrote: “Think of Vegas as a theme park rather than a city – it can awe as much as it can overwhelm, and that’s part of the appeal.”

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2. San Antonio

Of course, the first thing we all think of when someone mentions San Antonio is probably Alamo, but this modern city’s history goes way beyond this famous destination. San Antonio, offers numerous other famous missions, all of which are now a part of the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.

It also has:

  • theme parks,
  • amazing museums,
  • rich sports events
  • the famous River Walk.

1. Grand Canyon

And the winner is… The Grand Canyon, of course. All of you who have been there know that the adjective Grand doesn’t begin to do this place justice.

Stretching around 277 miles in length, even 18 miles in width, and a mile in depth, this natural wonder is the one of a kind on this Earth. Colorado River has been creating this breath-taking place for over six million years, and this red and orange grandeur is definitely a must-see destination for all citizens of our planet.

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