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Top City for Young People To Live In


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Traveling the world is one of the top wishes on most people’s wish list, young or old. We choose our destinations based on a whole lot of criteria, and what we liked to do in our 20s might not be as appealing in our 40s.

And yet, traveling the world is probably the most exciting for young people. Whether they stay for a week or a year, spending time abroad at a young age opens the heart and soul to new experiences and viewpoints on the world.

It may come as a surprise, but New York City is the best city for young people to live in!

Cities were ranked based on factors including environment, affordability, safety, diversity, and employment, as well as aspects such as music, fashion, nightlife, and film.

The best city in Europe for young people is London, which beat Berlin and Paris for the top spot.

Amsterdam also cracked the Top 10 for Europe, while North America was represented by San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles.

In terms of the Middle East, Israel’s Tel Aviv took the top spot, and anyone looking to go to Africa will find Johannesburg the best city to live in.