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Tourist Attractions Ban Selfie Sticks


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Selfie sticks are popular and inexpensive gadgets that let their users easily takes selfies everywhere they go, and they are particularly common around tourist attractions. Users of selfie sticks no longer need to bother random passersby to take their picture and many people are getting used to this novelty.

If you are one of those people capturing the moments with your selfie stick while out and about, keep in mind that some popular tourist attractions around the world are putting a ban on its use.

For instance, leave your selfie stick at home if you are going to a Disney theme park, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC or the National Gallery in London.

There are even websites that you can easily access that answer the question whether an attraction allows selfie sticks.

This list is getting bigger by the day and you can search by city, country or name of the attraction that interests you to find out whether you should leave your selfie stick at home and take photos the old-fashioned way.