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Travelling Without Money – Is It Possible?


Photo credit: Depositphotos

It’s a well-known fact that travelling requires certain resources. Be it time, money, or people, there is always something that can keep you from going on your dream trip.

Money is significantly more troublesome than the other two, and most people get discouraged from visiting new and exciting places once they learn how much cash they need for the trip.

But what if we told you things are not that ‘black and white’? It might sound insane at first, but the truth is you can travel for free – you just need to know how. And that’s why we’re here to explain it to you, so read on and find out how to spend your vacation without worrying about money.

Where To Begin?

First off, you have to realize that you don’t need a large initial budget in order to travel. Starting off is easy, but it’s what you need during your journey that gets to most people.

Finding work abroad is a good place to start earning for your trip.

You’re not looking for a career, so don’t get too picky here. Washing the dishes is completely fine if you’re able to pay for your food and bed and to get the rest of the day off.

Research Is Your Friend

If you don’t have money, you might as well have knowledge. This will be your ultimate tool for cheap travel, as you’ll need to find out everything you can about your trip, your destination, and your return home.

Deals are everywhere – whether it’s a “2 for 1 miles per dollar spent” from your local airline or Couchsurf offers from around the globe, watch out for opportunities.

Bottom line, travelling without money is in fact possible. With a little knowledge and determination, you can return home with more cash than you had when you left and awesome stories about your exotic trips.