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Tricks & Tips For Traveling On A Limited Budget (Part 3)


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If you are looking for some traveling and adventuring without breaking the bank, you are in the right place. The key is to do some research and explore how you can travel as cost-effectively as possible. Let’s do just that.

So far we’ve covered smart eating, making money while on the road, volunteering, and finding free accommodation. Today, we’re rounding up the story with the sections about bringing along some helpful supplies, and searching the web for some free fun.


Bring along a versatile backpack as you might need to do a lot of walking or hitch-hiking. Be sure to get one with those support straps that go across your hips and shoulders. If possible, the straps should be padded.

A folding bike is always a good idea and a sensible investment if you need to travel from your campsite or the place you’re staying to a local grocery store.

You can also go exploring areas more easily, and when you are not using it, you can fold the bike and carry it with you.

Also, any other useful tools and supplies are welcome: Swiss knife, air pump, utility bags, thermos, baby wipes…

Free Fun

Make sure you scour freebie websites before you set forth. Most major cities provide all types of free entertainment and services, and the best way to track them down is via websites like Lafreebeee,, etc.

Museums are often free on particular days of the week or month, especially if you have a student ID. You can also catch free movie screenings and theater plays if you sign up on time. Free food coupons are also available on and Freestufftimes.