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Tunisia: What To See, What To Do Part 1


Photo credit: Depositphotos

For Africa first-timers, Tunisia is a safe bet. It’s a sunny, year-round location that’s comfortable and not too unfamiliar, while maintaining a much needed dose of exotic and mysterious.

With its lively beach resorts on a 650-mile coastline, it’s a truly amazingly beautiful, mesmerizing place that’s really easy to explore. With a lot of things to do in Tunisia, this enchanted travel hotspot will keep putting a spell on you all throughout your stay.

See What’s Up In The Sahara

One of the places you must see while you’re still on this Earth, the Sahara Desert, can be easily explored if you’re going to Tunisia. Board a train from Tunis to the oasis town of Tozeur, and just book a tour with a travel firm.

You can ride a camel into the desert and you can stay overnight and experience the desert nights and beautiful mornings. Don’t forget to return via Matmata to see the fortified villages of Ksours and the location for the planet Tatooine in Star Wars.

Dido’s Lament

Legendary Carthage once sheltered the mightiest fleet in the Med. It was founded by Queen Dido and it was Hannibal’s base for his elephant attack on Italy.

It was burnt to the ground in 146 BC by the Romans, who build their own city in its place.

Check out the museum and the ruins of the Baths of Antonin (the second largest in the Roman world), the Roman Theatre and the Bardo Museum.

You Won’t Feel Blue After Seeing This Much Blue


Photo credit: Depositphotos

The village of Sidi Bou Said is set on a hillside above the Gulf of Tunis, and it’s one of the most colorful and well-decorated places on the entire Mediterranean coast. If blue is your color – this is your place.

The standard village decoration (white walls and ornate blue doors) was allegedly the idea of Baron Rodolphe d’Erlanger, an utter romantic who won the heart of a girl he spotted on a London station with flowers and married her. His former house is now the Centre for Arab Music.

Stay Classy

Sure, you can choose the most inexpensive place to stay, but why would you when just for a few more bucks you can stay in one of the new crop of classy small hotels. Located away from the touristy hotspots and crowds, they will make you feel like you’re staying in a luxury Tunisian hotel, while giving you the much needed rest after all of that sightseeing.

One of the best stays in Tunis is the Dar el Medina, a new boutique hotel in a 19th Century Arab mansion (recently restored) in the old Aran centre, with courtyards that have the scent of jasmine and cypress trees.