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USA’s Best Cities For New Year’s Eve Celebrations Part 1


Photo credit: Depositphotos

New Year’s is only a few days away, and if you didn’t make any particular plans (but you’re feeling spontaneous) you might want to check out these cities in America, that are without any doubt, the best ones when it comes to waiting for 2016 and partying the night away!

New York City

Let’s start with the most obvious choice, a city that has become a cliché of itself.

New York offers the huge party at Times Square and the famous big ball drop, but it also has hundreds and hundreds of restaurants, clubs, cafes and all sort of establishments of all shapes and sizes.

However, it does not offer too many bargains, so it may not be the cheapest choice of them all.


Since it’s Florida’s party central, the fact that Miami found its place on this list in no surprise. However, if you take the fact that it’s one of the least safe-feeling cities in America, and home to some of the least friendly locals, you might reconsider your New Year’s trip to this colorful place. Still, there’s no party like a party in Miami.


Austin’s bar-filled Sixth Street is the perfect place to celebrate the arrival of the upcoming year. Texas’s capital is filled with establishment of all sort, most of which offer a live music program.

Las Vegas

The city that never has any peace and quiet is likely one of the best places you can visit for some wild, optimistic New Year’s Eve partying! No one knows when the party ends and when it starts in Las Vegas, so make sure to check up on your schedule from time to time.


Here’s a shocker! If you’re a person that likes to celebrate the most anticipated night of the year a bit more carefree than the average American, Savannah is the perfect spot for you. It offers fireworks and a free music festival on the 31st, and even an annual Polar Bear Plunge into the Atlantic on January 1st.


Are you tired from the standard, cold, wintery New Year’s Celebration? The you might want to consider dancing the night away in Honolulu! Relaxing, fun, kid-friendly, and romantic, Honolulu will give you and your family everything it needs – accompanied by fireworks!