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Using The Internet For A Better Traveling Experience


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Before going on a trip, most of us will resort to the pen-and-paper method of planned most things and making sure we haven’t missed any important factors. However, there is another helpful place you can go to when you want to enhance your vacation – the internet.

The Power Of Google

Aside from being an advanced search tool and therefore making itself very useful for the majority of the world’s population, Google has also become an ally you’ll definitely want help from while planning your trip.

For example, one of the things travelers use the most is Google Translate. Not only has this been the go-to website for people who travel to foreign countries, but has also recently become an app that lets you take a picture of a foreign word and translates it to you right on the spot.

Another great feature that comes with Google is Google Now.

This is basically an enhanced version of the original search engine which uses your location as a premise to broaden your search.

If you walk into a restaurant but its name is too hard for you to pronounce, you can just ask your internet buddy “Should I eat here?” and Google Now will come up with a dozen reviews about it.

Finally, the last notable Google feature that every traveler will find useful is Popular Times. This particular thingamajig will let you know when a certain location is most or least crowded, allowing you to be at the heart of the party or letting you enjoy a beach all by yourself.