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Visiting Europe’s Hidden Gem – Croatia


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Since it occupies a huge stretch of the mesmerizing Adriatic coastline, Croatia is definitely one of Europe’s top seaside destinations.

With more than 1,100 islands and breath-taking rocky beaches, the country is known for its transparent waters and picturesque scenery.

However, Croatia is much more than islands, sea shore and sunshine, as it also offers a vivid glimpse into Europe’s brightest and darkest moments in history.

Its cities hide spectacular Roman ruins, imposing castles, and unspoiled national parks, while you can also indulge in vibrant nightlife and enjoy their fantastic and exotic cuisine. Treat yourself with exquisite seafood in restaurants on the coast or delicious truffles in Istria.

Central European Feel


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Once you step into the country’s capital, Zagreb, you will experience that unique and truly Central European ambience. Everything from the architecture to the hearty cuisine reflects the region’s centuries-old but still firm ties with Austro-Hungary.

Also, make sure you visit the mysterious historic castles and vineyards of Zagorje, while paying attention to Croatia’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and world-class museums.


Velebit and Gorski Kotar are mountain ranges you simply have to check out if you are in for some hiking, whereas the Adriatic offers ideal conditions for water-based sports like sailing, scuba-diving and sea-kayaking.

If you are, however, just looking for restful holiday to enjoy hours of sunshine, hit one of the many rocky beaches this amazing coastline has to offer.