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Visiting Guam


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Guam is a secluded and not so popular tropical paradise, but in that very seclusion lies the beauty of this vibrant destination. Sandy beaches and mysterious coral reefs will attract all sun-loving visitors, while historic architecture deep inland allures tourists who appreciate and respect the island’s legacy.

Stunning buildings of Hagatna, Guam’s bustling capital will take your breath away, while swinging nightlife in the city of Tumon may just do the same. This island is a melting pot of Asian, European, Pacific Rim and American cultures, which makes it a hotspot for people all around the globe.

Things to See and Do in Guam

If you are looking to get active and see the intact wildlife, you can climb the awe-inspiring Mount Lam Lam, or pop onto a jet-ski and explore the surrounding crystal clear waters.

Apra Harbor Overlook is a must.

From this amazing vantage point, one can see the harbor, the cargo-ship port and a commemorative monument which lists all those who sacrificed their lives during the three-year Japanese occupation.

Diving in transparent, turquoise waters is always worth your while. Explore all the secluded and colorful coral jungles which hide dozens of ship-wrecks waiting for you to take a peek back in time.


Two major parks to check out are Latte Park, located at the bottom of Kasamata Hill and Gef Pago Park which is a kind of living museum in Inarajan Village. Other parks include Merizo Pier Park, a resort surrounded by a clear lagoon (location of the annual Merizo Water Festival), and numerous beach parks which are often described “the surfers’ paradise.”