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Visiting St Maarten


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This beckoning Caribbean resort, placed in the former Netherlands Antilles and lined with delicious coastline, attracts thousands of sun-loving tourists each year.

The most popular and prominent physical feature in St Maarten is an extinct volcano of Mount Flagstaff, however, visitors come here mainly to the stunning sandy beaches that follow the south and west coasts. Amazing shopping opportunities at duty-free centers don’t hurt either.

Things to do in St Maarten

This Caribbean destination is extremely popular with professional divers. The excellent diving conditions which feature striking coral reefs located close to the shore, will satisfy the needs of all hardcore diving adventurers.

One of the most popular dive sites is the wreck of HMS Proselyte, a British man-of-war which sank back in 1801. It really is an eye-candy.

The island is also one of the Caribbean’s leading sailing venues.

During the awesome Heineken Regatta hosted there every year, you can rent anything from motorboats and yachts to canoes, and visit some of the secluded bays and nearby.

If you decide to travel inland you will see the picturesque ruins of several plantation mansions. Set in the wooded hills around Mount Flagstaff and the Border Monument, these ruins paint a vivid picture of a 300-year-old cooperation between the French and the Dutch.



Photo credit: Depositphotos

St Maarten’s principal town of Philipsburg is also a must-see. Enjoy the colonial atmosphere and indulge in a duty-free shopping spree in this small but eventful city located on a sand bar that separates Great Salt Pond from the ocean.

Finally, make sure you take a peek inside Philipsburg’s churches (there’s nine of them), visit the Queen Wilhelmina Golden Jubilee Monument, and see the Fort Amsterdam which dates from the time of the earliest settlers.