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Visiting Vienna


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Once the centre of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna is one of the most prominent intellectual and artistic legacies of that time.

The city’s rich history mirrors in its buildings and architecture, statues and beautifully maintained parks.

Vienna manages to tastefully blend the very old and the very modern.

New buildings seamlessly blend in with the Baroque architecture, while their legendary hot-dog stands go well with the 19th century coffee houses, while the banks of the Danube River only add to the Vienna’s avant-garde experience.

The Must-Sees & the Must-Dos

Vienna manages to take the afternoon coffee and cake time to a whole new level here. Make sure you visit one of their coffee houses, buy some local newspaper, order a creamy melange cup of coffee, some Topfelstrudel, and nobody will think you are a tourist.

As the city is known as the international capital of classical music, make sure you check out Vienna’s concert calendar for some of the famous operas, theatrical performances or music shows. Sound of Vienna offers the most authentic local extravaganza experience with music from Mozart and Strauss, operetta, ballet and waltz.

This European city also offers an extensive selection of museums you simply must visit in order to fully experience Vienna’s history. Be sure to check out Johann Strauss’ apartment, as well as Sigmund Freud’s office and The Leopold houses. You’ll thank us later.