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Largest Aquarium on Earth Sets 5 Guinness World Records

 Photo credit: Jeremy Thompson / Flickr

Photo credit: Jeremy Thompson / Flickr

China continues to ramp up its tourist appeal with the construction of a variety of theme parks and shopping centers that are much larger and flashier than the American and European versions upon which they are modeled. The latest in this series of tourist destinations is Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, an aquarium that takes land-based ocean exploration to a whole new level.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is located on the island of Hengqin, not far from Macao. Its aquarium managed to break an incredible five Guinness World Records, including those for largest aquarium in the world, largest aquarium tank, largest underwater viewing dome, largest aquarium window and largest acrylic panel. Even if these accomplishments fail to impress, it’s virtually impossible for visitors to not be completely awestruck by the sheer beauty of the aquarium and the species found therein.

Technically, the destination is much, much more than a simple aquarium. The title of theme park may serve as a better descriptor, as Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is home to several exciting roller coasters and water rides. The aquarium simply happens to be one of the more educational of the park’s attractions, serving as a nice alternative for those reluctant to take on intense coasters.

Although Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is officially open to the public, developers still have big plans for its aquarium. In the future, this destination could be home to several whale sharks, Chinese white dolphins and tropical spotted dolphins. Until then, visitors will still enjoy the ability to view and identify a wide array of marine species from all over the world.