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Watch Mexico’s Ex-President HILARIOUSLY Remind Trump They Won’t Pay For The Wall

Photo credit: SuperDeluxe

The colorful, flamboyant and apparently extremely hilarious former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada, has just made a brilliantly sarcastic video in which he reminds Donald Trump that they won’t be paying for his ridiculously insulting border wall.

Since President Trump has been talking about many different things lately, and even left the Paris Agreement, it appears that almost everyone forgot about his border wall idea. Now, however, it seems to be all over the news again, as Trump has some new and fresh plans for his wall.

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So, Trump has recently met with Republican congressional leaders to propose specifics about his “beautiful” structure, but Vicente Fox Quesada has soon after recorded a fantastically funny yet relevant message for Trump.

Watch video below:

Fox made it pretty clear what he thinks about the whole border wall idea, and even made some rather on-point suggestions for what Trump can do with his $25 billion instead.

Some of them:

  • End world hunger for 1 year
  • Hire 50,000 teachers for a decade
  • Pay for college education of 250,000 students

While he also asked Trump to reach his inner Trump – the little kid version of Trump before he turned into, well, Trump.

Vicente Fox Quesada, you dawg!