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What’s There To Do In Spain?


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world and for the reason – it’s got something for everyone.

From miles and miles of stunning beaching, hiking and mountain-climbing to sightseeing in places like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, if you’ve never been to Spain or have seen only parts of it, here is a review of the most engaging activities.

Swim In The Sea

Spain has hundreds and hundreds of miles of sandy and pebble beaches that stretch from the Northeast to Southwest.

From water sports, snorkeling and diving to sunbathing or having a cocktail on the beach, vacationing in Spain is a fun trip for the whole family. Visit Costa Brava or Andalusia to get the best out of Spain’s beach life.

Climb The Mountains

The mountain terrain in Spain features peaks and crags overlooking the sea as this is the second most mountainous country in Europe.

Starting with the Pyrenees, visit the Sobrarbe as one of the most popular spots or try the Anso Valley in Huesca in the Aragon region.

If you like rock climbing, don’t miss Picos de Europa in the Asturias region.

Go Sightseeing

Madrid is the political, business and cultural center of Spain, featuring a lively nightlife and a vibrant artistic scene. Don’t miss the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral as some of the city’s most popular landmarks.

If you opt for Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, start with la Sagrada Familia, a cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi. For other Gaudi landmarks, the Casa Lleo Morera and Parc Guell are sure to leave you breathless.

Most people who go to Spain fall in love with its Mediterranean vibe mixed with Arabic culture, weeks and weeks of sunshine, fresh food, music and architecture. Globetrotters know Spain is the type of country you can visit many times and always experience it in a different way.