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When In Rome…Do As The Rats Do?


Photo credit: Depositphotos

The Trevi fountain in Rome, one of the city’s most popular landmarks, has recently been overrun by rats, thus in case you’re in Rome this summer, be mindful of the little rodents.

The fountain is currently being restored and the rats find it a perfect place to set up camp.

Trevi hasn’t contained any water since December and the rats as long as 20 cm can be seen around the scaffolding.

In case you wanted to throw some pennies into the fountain you’ll have to come back to the Eternal City another time.

The residents did report the problem to the authorities, explaining that the rats are attracted by the garbage left from the restaurants to be picked up, but the problem still hasn’t been solved.

If you were hoping to spot some fashionistas around Trevi that’s going to be highly unlikely, but it’s worth noting that it is actually one of Italy’s fashion powerhouses that is funding the restoration. Fendi has paid €2 million for the restoration and hopefully by the time you visit Rome again the rodent problem will be taken care of and the fountain shining yet again.