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Why Is The Tower In Pisa Leaning To One Side?


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Before you head to Pisa, Italy to visit one of the architectural wonders of the world, the Leaning Tower, it would be useful to know why the tower is leaning to one side and how it attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The Leaning Tower took nearly 200 years to complete and the works first kicked off in the summer of 1173.

By the time the second storey was finished in 1178, the tower had started to sink in and tilt to the right.

The foundation was put in the ground that was simply too soft to support the structure, and the tilt gradually increased as the works went on.

Soon after Pisa found itself in war with the neighboring city states and the construction was aborted due to the lack of funds, which lasted for nearly a century. Once the funds were provided it was decided to get on with the construction as the experts had decided the ground wouldn’t cause any more trouble. By the time it was completed, the Tower had tilted by nearly 4 m.

Today, the Tower of Pisa is a bell tower of the city cathedral that has been corrected in the recent years and the tilt is now secure. Experts believe the structure won’t move in the next 200 years, so if you ever wondered whether it was safe to visit the Leaning Tower rest assured it won’t budge an inch when you climb to the top.