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Why You Should Visit Kenya Immediately


Photo credit: Depositphotos

From aardvarks, lions and leopards, to zebras, this East Africa’s safari destination is home to them all. Add more than 40 national parks and nature reserves, Lake Victoria and the India Ocean, and you get one of the dreamiest landscapes imaginable.


Wildlife safari is definitely the fulcrum of Kenyan tourism. You can choose from jeeps and buses, to light aircraft to travel across the country and check out the famous safari lodges and tented camps.

These rustic but lavish camps will definitely be worth your while, whereas close encounters with nature via walking safaris run by tribal guides are maybe even more fascinating and economic.

Make sure you start your journey in Nairobi, but don’t miss out on all the attractive cities that sun-kissed Kenyan coast and the Great Rift Valley have to offer.

Interior coast is adorned with dazzling beach resorts and astounding Islamic ruins, while you will also find a national park or reserve in Nairobi.

Tribal Experience


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Kenya is also a great place to experience unique cultural encounters. There are more than 40 different tribal groups and each has its own way of life. Perhaps the most obvious and unique of them all are the semi-nomadic Maasai. Seeing their rainbow-colored, bead-covered adornments and visiting their weird-looking tribal village is quite a fascinating experience.

Though several set-backs (political upheaval during elections and high-profile militant attacks) have made Kenya’s tourist industry grow weak in recent years, many travelers and adventure seekers still flock to the teeming plains of this amazing African country. Why shouldn’t you?