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Why You Should Visit Venezuela Immediately


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If you choose to pay a visit to this feisty South American nation, you are in for a treat. Discover Venezuela’s extraordinary diversity and exuberant natural beauty by exploring this land of revered Andean peaks, wildlife rich rainforests, and vibrant cities.



Photo credit: Depositphotos

Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, is the beating heart of this country. Hillside favelas, aged colonial buildings and glistening skyscrapers offer visitors a wide range of interesting sites to explore. A fine collection of museums, galleries and historic monuments allure tourists from all over the globe.

City’s pulsating nightlife and quality food are also attracting many a visitor, however, Venezuela’s true appeal and attractions lie hidden way beyond Caracas.



Photo credit: Depositphotos

Amazing national parks and reserves cover almost half the land of this South American country. The lush tropical lowlands cradle abundant wildlife, while eco-conscious ranches provide fun safaris via which one can view caimans, pumas, anacondas, capybaras and many bird species.

The awe-inspiring mountains of the Guyana Highlands overlook the golden savannahs and the two offer and amazing combination of prehistoric flora and fauna.

These table-top peaks are adorned with powerful and breathtaking waterfalls, namely the theatrical Angel Falls, which is officially the world’s highest.

To round up the whole experience, the clear waters of the Caribbean gently touch Venezuela’s stunning coastline embellished with numerous offshore islands providing an awesome opportunity for reef diving. The Los Roques archipelago is a hidden gem of Caribbean island idyll and it is a must.