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Would You Purchase “The Silence of the Lambs” House in Pennsylvania?

Photo credit: Orion Pictures

Photo credit: Orion Pictures

James “Buffalo Bill” Gumb’s home from the film “The Silence of the Lambs” is for sale for $249,900!

The four-bedroom, one-bathroom house just outside of Pittsburgh that was used to make the 1991 thriller comes with a pool, an old caboose that is used as a pool house, as well as a wrap-around porch.

The owners are having a tough time selling the property, having reduced its price down from $300,000.

Perhaps potential buyers aren’t really sure that the basement doesn’t in fact have a dungeon in which Buffalo Bill skinned his victims?

Be the case as it may, movie lovers and destination seekers were probably the potential buyers the owners of the home counted on, but for now they’ll have to wait until the market picks up again.

“Is there really a dungeon in the basement, or was it movie magic? You have to come see the house to find out,” said Dianne Wilk, a real estate agent selling the property.

Would you purchase a home used in a horror movie? Let us know what you think!