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You Won’t Believe the Figures at the Busiest Train Station in Europe!


Photo credit: Depositphotos

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a train station in London has seen the largest number of passengers pass through, and although the official data are yet to come, it is estimated that Waterloo Station has had an incredible 200 million passengers!

The number of 200 million is record breaking for all European train stations, but it should be noted that Paris’ Gare du Nord is not falling too far behind with 180 million passengers.

Waterloo is both a train and a tube station, with approximately half the passengers using Waterloo as a tube station and another half as a train station.

The next two busiest stations in Europe are also in London, with Victoria Station seeing 175 million passengers and King’s Cross/St.Pancras 170 million.

These figures are out of this world when we compare them to the number that Heathrow Airport saw in 2015, which was a “mere” 75 million!

And yet the figures we see in Europe are “ridiculous” compared to what they see in Japan, with Shinjuku Station in Tokyo seeing 1.3 billion passengers, making it the largest train hub in the world!

In other words, if you’re going to be using any of these stations, plan your time accordingly!